About the Andrew J. Young Foundation

The Andrew J. Young Foundation continues the vision, values and virtues of Ambassador Andrew Young that have moved this nation to higher ground.

The Foundation has kept that concept alive by creating vehicles, partnerships and opportunities for conveying Andrew Young’s knowledge and life experiences with the world. Formed in the context of a philosophy of nonviolent social change and a belief that to those to whom much has been given, much is required, the foundation works to support, promote and develop global institutions and leaders. These institutions and leaders are infused with knowledge to improve and enhance social and economic justice and human rights through nonviolent action, democratic institutions and socially responsible for-profit corporations.

From philanthropic leadership to leadership training, we serve domestically and internationally. We have codified Andrew Young’s more than 60 years of public service into a narrative that is shared around the globe and used to influence others, allowing for his legacy of servant leadership and giving back to manifest and multiply through the actions of people and institutions we touch worldwide.


The mission of The Andrew Young Foundation is to support and promote education, leadership and human rights in the United States, Africa and the Caribbean.


The vision of The Andrew J. Young Foundation is to support and promote education, economic justice, health, leadership and human rights initiatives in the United States, Africa and around the globe that work to improve the human condition.

We work to one day see a just and prosperous global society made whole through humanitarian service, civic participation, philanthropy and good works.

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