About 10 years ago, someone asked me what was on my “bucket list.” I began to think about great tasks, divine mandates, that remain unfinished: ending hunger, healing the sick. The Andrew J. Young Foundation is not about keeping my name alive; it is about changing the world. As you can see from the programs described here, we are doing it. Thank you for supporting our work to share the blessings we have received and to bless the world with the work of our hearts, heads, and hands.

— Ambassador Andrew J. Young


Civil Rights and Civic Participation

Andrew Young helped lead the historic citizen action movement that engaged Americans of good will in a multiracial challenge to segregation and secured passage of civil and voting rights legislation. Ensuring economic opportunity, access to justice and equal treatment under the law is an ongoing responsibility for Americans who share a commitment to these core values.

Andrew Young Presents

Andrew Young Presents is an Emmy-nominated, nationally syndicated series of specials produced by Ambassador Young and award-winning producer C. E. Hackworth to educate and inspire civic engagement. Among the productions:

  • Saving Mandela: A phenomenal first-person account of Nelson Mandela that captures the struggle for freedom and the transformation of a nation and a continent.
  • Still Hitting Homers: The Untold Story of Henry Aaron: The inspiring story of Atlanta Braves legend Henry “Hank” Aaron, who endured racism and threats on his life as he approached, and then shattered, the home run record held by baseball legend Babe Ruth. Aaron’s dignity on and off the field turned foes to friends and broke down barriers of discrimination.
  • LBJ: The Accidental President: This new documentary celebrates the 50th anniversary of passage of the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the upcoming Voting Rights Act of 1965. Young, a top aide to Martin Luther King Jr. who met with Johnson in the wake of John F. Kennedy’s assassination, offers personal recollections and insights into previously untold, behind-the-scenes political maneuvers that changed the country


Jean Childs Young Middle School

The foundation has an ongoing partnership with the Jean Child Young Middle School to provide support and resources for innovating program and to increase parental participation

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