Issues of Change

The Andrew Young Foundation promotes more just and prosperous communities in the U.S. and globally by developing and supporting a new generation of leadership for a multicultural world.

As U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Andrew Young embodied President Jimmy Carter’s commitment to human rights as a core element of U.S. foreign policy. The Foundation maintains programs designed to inspire leaders from around the world to work toward a global community of peace, prosperity, and inclusion. Ambassador Young uses his diplomatic skills and global relationships to encourage innovative partnerships among governments, non-governmental organizations, and private enterprise to address the world’s most challenging problems. The Foundation is committed to contributing to the alleviation of the global challenges of hunger, poverty and food insecurity.




  • HUNGER & POVERTY: Poverty around the globe causes hunger around the globe. We address hunger and poverty worldwide through a global coalition of governments, international organizations, and agriculture schools.
  • ECONOMIC INSTABILITY: Jobs build stable families and communities. Our strategic partnerships to create economic and infrastructure development along the Mississippi River will create thousands of jobs in several states.
  • EDUCATION: Education is a key step to achieve economic stability in communities. We support academic scholars from distressed communities who want to return to serve that same community with creative projects.
  • HEALTH: Affordable healthcare and treatment for HIV/AIDS is almost nonexistent in some African countries. We work with educational institutions and pharmaceutical companies to bring life-saving, drug treatments to those in need.
  • LEADERSHIP: Great leaders are developed. The development of emergent leaders by connecting them with other generations of change-makers through training, mentorship and personal support is our key to create lasting change.
  • SOCIAL JUSTICE: Through our social justice work, we lead, inform and challenge everyday citizens to remedy a host of inequalities that threaten their quality of life daily, particularly in America and Africa.

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