Health Advocacy

Economic Inclusion


Community Involvement

The mission of the James E. Newby Jr. MD Foundation (Newby Foundation) is to improve the health and welfare of the various communities within the Commonwealth of Virginia and its citizens. The foundation will concentrate on four areas:


  • Promote research focusing on heart disease, dysmetabolic syndrome and other related chronic health conditions that are prevalent in Virginia.
  • To improve the support system for citizens with heart disease and those with chronic related conditions. This will be achieved through group sessions, education and collaborative efforts with local civic organizations, and city and state government.
  • Through education, teach those members of the public who have been negatively affected by heart disease, COVID-19 infections, chronic lung disease, tobacco use, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, stroke, and other chronic heart related illnesses how to alter, reverse, or otherwise improve long term outcome thus raising the public’s awareness of complications associated with these conditions.
  • Address other issues not exclusive to healthcare, such as financial stability, educational equality, etc. which may adversely affect the community.


Dr. Newby’s vision for the Newby Foundation is to draw together a group of researchers, community activists, and physicians, to focus on reducing morbidity and overall death rates from COVID-19 infections, cardiovascular morbidity from chronic related illnesses in Virginia, and alter the problem of healthcare disparity through education and promote trust through a general overhaul of the perception of the healthcare industry, and to provide funds or service to the community which improves the health and welfare of the citizens of the commonwealth of Virginia.


The James E. Newby Jr. MD Foundation will embrace an exciting media platform, education and research agenda that will open new pathways to understanding cardiovascular death rates as well as other causes of death and disability with emphasis on black and brown communities and shed light on the inability of citizens to understand their risk and the need for behavioral changes to save lives. The foundation is equally committed to creating new ways to disseminate accurate information about cardiovascular disease and other chronic illnesses to patients, families and medical professionals.

As new challenges affecting the community arise, all of which may not be totally health related, the Newby Foundation will seek to address these issues with all resources available at its disposal.