Health Advocacy

Economic Inclusion


Community Involvement

The Mission of the James E. Newby Jr. MD Foundation

To improve the health and welfare of various communities within the Commonwealth of Virginia and its citizens. The foundation will concentrate on four areas:


Promote research and education in the community focusing on heart disease, infant mortality and low birth rates, dysmetabolic syndrome and other related chronic health conditions that are prevalent in Virginia such as hypertension, diabetes, prostate cancer, and conditions and social issues affecting our youth. To improve our community’s health by assisting in the education and implementation of programs designed to improve our health by enhanced nutrition, prevention of chronic illnesses, and reducing obesity which otherwise leads to higher mortality rates.

To encourage and improve expanded job opportunities and economic development for minority and small businesses. To promote partnerships with both state and local governments to provide better access to contracting as well as to create finance options for businesses through both traditional and nontraditional financing. The foundation will both host and promote forums, online programs, and workshops to educate individuals who wish to start and grow their own businesses.

Promote improvement in access to education to all citizens of the commonwealth of Virginia regardless of race, creed or color and to promote a more fair and equitable distribution of educational funds and resources for inner city schools. To create and promote access to enhanced afterschool programs and mentorship programs for our youth and adult population to assist them in their development and readiness for either college or the workplace through trade schools and other job programs.

Address other issues not exclusive to healthcare which may adversely affect the community.