The Newby Institute for Research and Innovation can contribute to the area both in clinical research, education and training in multiple areas.  A major goal is to develop a research, public policy and innovation center here in Norfolk.

  • A 21st Century HBCU—A model and template for the reinvention and/or redemption of some of our most beloved institutions
  • An emerging institution that advances innovative approaches to serve under-served students to help them realize and maximize their learning and earning potential.
  • A Campus with no borders, where our students are accessible to the community, and the community is accessible to our campus
  • A School which fosters and facilitates the student work-life balance offering flexible evening and online classes to facilitate the needs of working students, foster care students, and non-traditional adult learners
  • Each School or Department has Recruitment Goals based on customized Department Action Plans
  • Each School has a Community Advisory Board (for Quality Control purposes) to assess NIRI Student employability strengths and deficits (i.e. academic knowledge, skills-set, written, and communicative skills) and how they ranks amongst students from other area colleges.
  • Student Success Program begins at the high school level teaches Trailblazing, Philanthropy, Office Politics, Board Governance, Personal Board of Directors, and Parliamentary Procedures Components
  • Student Success, Career Advancement, and Development Department work seamlessly to provide an enduring professional network and association

Health Disparities Research

Interventional Population Studies

Population Database

Regional Education

Health Delivery Research

Health Disparities Research:

I have developed and maintained a private practice of approximately 15-20,000 patients, many of whom are either African American or of a lower socioeconomic status.  This population of patients continues to represent those with the highest risk for long-term health complications such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease and can provide a wealth of knowledge to assist in the understanding and improvement of this population’s health status with resources available through the institution.  Of course, the goal is to globally improve the health and welfare of the citizens of Hampton Roads through education, diet and exercise thereby reducing the incidence of heart disease and stroke.


Interventional population-based studies:

As an example, elimination of food desserts with a defined plan to enhance delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables to areas that otherwise would not have access.  Through my political affiliations with the mayor and city council, the city of Norfolk would be involved in the development and distribution of healthy food items through either market stands or truck delivery.

Establish a population database:

Another important goal is to develop and maintain a database here in this area with the assistance of the University of Virginia. With this patient population, a database of this magnitude would be instrumental in providing a wealth of knowledge and understanding for clinical research and improvement of this particular community’s health status.


Regional education:

I would like to take a lead role in developing and delivering a medical education program to consumers through social media outlets, radio and television.  I currently co-host the health segment on one of the local news shows on Public radio, WHRV, entitled “Another View” which I have done for the past 4 years.  I also produce and to record a medical minute series entitled “The Newby medical minute”, which is played daily on WHOV in Hampton, Virginia.  Given the use of technology in medicine today, venues like this will be useful to promote the university’s commitment to medical education.

Health delivery research:

I am currently developing and will be implementing a chest pain urgent care center in this area.  I currently have one urgent care location here in Fort Norfolk and am developing a second one in the Berkeley area of Norfolk located in an underserved area which should open in the next 2 months.  It is my hope to decrease hospitalizations by directing patients deemed low risk to these centers as opposed to the emergency room, but equally as important, to develop research opportunities that will help identify and render care to patients and to develop better protocols for the identification and treatment of such individuals with suspected heart disease.

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