The Newby Foundation is a non-profit organization with an elected board of directors and an appointed executive staff. Each board member commits for a term of one year; however, the objective is for every board member to serve in some capacity on the board for at least two years. This helps to provide continuity for programs as new members join the board.

Founding Board members:

  • Keith H. Newby, President, Fort Norfolk Plaza Medical Associates

  • Peggy H. Newby, Chief Financial Officer, Fort Norfolk Plaza Medical Associates

  • Cassandra Newby-Alexander, Ph.D., Endowed Professor, Norfolk State University

  • James E. Newby, II, M.D., President, Primary Care Specialists

  • Bruce Holbrook, Certified Public Accountant, Goodman & Company

  • Jerry Holmes, President, ISSA of Virginia Aspire Development

  • Yvonne Toms Allmond, Community Financial Engagement Officer, Towne Bank

  • Joy Malbon-Griffin, Regional Director/Claims Attorney, Minnesota Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company

  • Lisa Jackson, Executive Administrator, The Newby Foundation

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